International Enterprise

About Us

In 1975, Late Mohamed Said Ramadan founded an import business in Alex , Egypt . Originally known as El Nasr company for Import &Export, the company has grown into one of the most respected brand partners.
Mohamed Said began by importing & wholeseling variety of Europeen branded household goods to retailers throughout Egypt . The company\'s success with distributing products imported from Europe contributed to the development of our business .
In 2000 the company was relaunched under a new name International Enterprise and expanded its business by gaining the trust of Libbey which is one of the most reputable Amercian Glass ware company .
Now we have two offices across Egypt , Alex and cairo and we are main distributor for Libbey for Glassware , Bialetti for cookware and Komax for plastic and glass containers .
We strive to be one of the leading distributors of household products that adds life to both kitchen and dinning table .
To be the obvious first choice for principle brand partnerships, distribution within Egypt .
We work closely with PRINCIPLE BRANDS to ensure their efficient distribution and availability across main stores in Egypt If you ask our principle brands why they work with the International Enterprise , the first response will be ‘trust’. Good business partnerships are built on trust and constantly delivering beyond expectations. Remuneration is a big topic for brand owners in challenging times. Some of the brands below have been with us for more than a decade, others are recent wins which we are proud to welcome to our portfolio. We take pride in everything we do and continue to invest in our people and our infrastructure in order to stay ahead of all our domestic competitors and remain the ‘obvious first choice’.